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Christel B. D’Agostino, MSW, LCSW-R, CtH

Have you ever wondered whether you can trust your intuition, your sixth sense, your gut feeling?

In case this sounds familiar:

Have you always been attracted to the wrong guy or girl? The one that spells trouble, does not keep promises, and you are finding it out the hard way?

If this is a familiar scenario, your intuition is giving you the wrong messages. To avoid another disappointment, you want to change the inner message that you are sending out through the ethers to: “Looking for a loving person!”

Were you standing at the corner one morning waiting to cross the street, happy with yourself and the world and out of the blue, your stomach was in knots? Now what might have happened? Where did this anxiety come from? You look around. A young lady is standing next to you. Could it be ‘her’ anxiety that you just picked up and not your own?

Have you ever ignored your inner voice and then got in trouble? Like boarding a half-empty bus and your intuition telling you ‘go to the back’, but you ignore it, rather stay in front. A woman brushed by with long dangerous finger nails. Once off the bus, you realized these nails had picked your pocket. A lesson well learned: Trust your intuition!

Do you trust your ‘vibes’? Instant likes or dislikes? Or do you listen to your analytical mind to tell you wrong?

You may want to observe who is the decision maker:

Your analytical mind, or your intuition, i.e. your own ‘vibes’.

Sometimes, they are on the same team, but when they are not, you may make the wrong choice.

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